Nicolas Quinten - French Artist based in Los Angeles, California, USA.
Venice, CA is the place where his Art was showing for the first time, in 2016. Nicolas is known by using Oil Pastels on Canvas, using Powerful Colors and Positive Words. He explores through his paintings a way to give people Hope, Creativity and Love: for Yourself, for Others and for the Best of the Humankind.
"Listen what the Nature wants to say"



Healing Power - Nicolas Quinten



This is the first collection started in 2016, showing how plants and nature can delivered positive aspects to the humankind. You just need to read those words to feel better. The idea is to give the positivity you need in your life, relationships and your environment. The series focuses on several elements that I have been extremely interested in over the past few years. It is often the case that our most natural and basic desires are reflected from nature. Through this collection, I attempt to use art as a unique and creative tool with which to explore different levels of realities.


I always like to keep my work fresh and creative, and when Damien Chazelle, Oscar winner - Best Director - for LA LA LAND, said to me, I love your work, and I am a Fan, that was the concretization of exploring more this new aspect - The Film Industry. Creating this collection was a blast, and I pushed my artistic abilities to the limits.

"Welcome Into My World" - Nicolas Quinten (Oil pastels on canvas)


Through this collection, I attempt to provide a fresh set of eyes, on the Career of our Greatest Singers Artists (like Beyoncé, Whitney Houston, Janet Jackson, Dolly Parton, Nina Simone, Bob Marley ...), who change our perspectives and thoughts through their music. And I think my Art respects that, and shows their work onto my Canvas and my Imagination. I invite my fans to question themselves and redefine their assumptions about our society in order to become more connected into our world.


This collection is an Honor, a Tribute to ours Marvelous Cities All Around the World!

“Un Voyage” through monuments, moments where flowers speak the Wonder of Living to thoses places.

Paris, New York, Tokyo, Los Angeles... Watch and Discover a Journey of Love !


My name is Nicolas Quinten, Professional Artist working out of my Art Studio in Venice Beach, California. I enjoy adding a Unique Perspective to my work in order to make Each Piece Memorable

From Ermont, Val d'Oise, France (A little town close to Paris), his taste for the Environment and for the Nature make his Art special.

Nature Speaks, Listen what She wants to Say to You.

A New Way to Think



Oil Pastels on Canvas

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"The best way to predict the future is to create it"

Abraham Lincoln



Thank you for your interest. For any inquiries or commission requests, please contact Nicolas Quinten.

234 Hampton Drive

Venice 90291, CALIFORNIA



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234 Hampton Drive

Venice 90291, CALIFORNIA


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nature speaks. A new way to think

Here's To The Fools Who Dream - Nicolas Quinten

🎥 LALALAND 🎥 Reach Your DREAMS 😉💖 On this piece of art, you will see "Olivia", "Damien Chazelle". "Lionsgate", the production company, runs through those two little wooden posts, where "believe it" is written. You, too, need to believe it. The "Who", the foreground, is the mirror image of the sky. "Actors", "dancers", "producers"... actually "Everyone", can reach their dreams. You just need to follow the light. It's "this way", and "you too you can do it". The city has the critiques that Damien received, "Splendid", "Magical"... On the mountain, a quote, "A happy place where people can feel free to experiment" is the way that Damien Chazelle wants the set to be. Ryan Gosling, and Emma Stone are 2 poppies, the floral emblem of the state of California. Emma wishes "Creativity" and "Hope", and Ryan sends "Love" to his wife. In the sky some references of the songs "City of Stars", "A lovely night". The word "Gate" becomes "Golden Globes Awards" . "Life is Good" and "Dreams come true". #lalaland #damienchazelle #lionsgate #ryangosling #emmastone #poppies #justinhurwitz #oscars #goldenglobes #bafta2017

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